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The North Carolina Association of Floodplain Managers
“In order to promote the common interest in storm water and floodplain management, to enhance cooperation between the various related private, local, state, and federal agencies, and to encourage and ensure effective, new, and innovative approaches to managing the state's storm water and floodplain systems.”

(updated August 2013)

The North Carolina Association of Floodplain Managers (NCAFPM) was established in January 1989 to bring together local, state and private sector professionals to share knowledge and disseminate information about the National Flood Insurance Program as well as state specific guidance regarding the wise use and safe development of the state’s floodplain lands.  NCAFPM became a chapter of ASFPM in 1990 and was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1992.Charlotte flooding

The creation of NCAFPM was the result of the dedication and untiring efforts of Berry Williams, the State NFIP coordinator from 1987 until 1996. Berry remained very involved with the Association for many years to ensure it would grow into the successful organization it is today. Lisa Sharrard (now Lisa Jones) served as NCAFPM’s first Chair. At that time she was a program specialist with the state NFIP office.

The Association was originally comprised of a Board of Directors (Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) and representatives from six regions across the state as well as a number of committees. An executive director position was created in 2009 with Bill Tingle filling the position. In 2010, two “at-large” representatives as well as a “corporate liaison” representative position were added to the board. Also added in 2010 was the requirement that all board members be CFMs. 

The Association initially was administered out of the NFIP Office of the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management in Raleigh. In the late 1990’s the administration was transferred to the office of the Chair at that time, Dave Canaan with Mecklenburg County Storm Water Services (MCSWS) in Charlotte. The administration has remained with MCSWS since then with most of the actual administrative duties handled by a paid administrative assistant.

From its inception, NCAFPM has worked closely with the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management not only to promote and provide training but to continuously support numerous other efforts promoting sound floodplain management across the state. This relationship became even stronger with the creation of the NC Floodplain Mapping Program in 2000. Following the creation of NC Floodplain Mapping Program, North Carolina was named the first FEMA Cooperating Technical State (CTS) and was charged with the enormous task of updating floodplain maps for all 100 counties. This required a massive outreach and education effort to inform local officials and others of the remapping process. Much of the outreach was accomplished through the NCAFPM conferences, newsletters, website and other outlets. NCAFPM also provided a representative on the CTS Stakeholders committee which oversaw the statewide floodplain remapping effort.

NCAFPM was instrumental in efforts that eventually led to creation of the Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) program with the creation of the first Home Study Course (HSC) for floodplain managers in the mid 1990’s. The HSC provided a means for floodplain managers in the state to be recognized for obtaining a higher level of knowledge with passing an exam following review of written and videotaped materials included in the HSC. NCAFPM was invited to provide a representative on ASFPM’s stakeholders committee tasked with creating a national certification program. The committee met numerous times in the mid-late 1990’s leading to the creation of the national CFM program in 1999. North Carolina is one of six state chapters that created their own state CFM program recognized by ASFPM. The NC CFM program was chartered in 2000 with 40 people passing the initial NC CFM exam in Raleigh.

NCAFPM has hosted two ASFPM national floodplain management conferences. In 1990, 440 people attended the 14th annual ASFPM conference in Asheville hosted by NCAFPM and the NC Division of Emergency Management. In 2001 the Association hosted the 25th annual ASFPM conference in Charlotte with over 600 people attending.

The first NCAFPM annual conference was held in November 1989 at the Broyhill Inn in Boone. The conference registration fee was $65 and the sleeping room rate was $37. The 65 attendees attended presentations on a variety of subjects including computer mapping, greenway planning, regulation changes, enforcement, liability and more. The annual conference was held at alternating locations across the state for a number of years. In 2006 the membership expressed interest in adding another annual NCAFPM event to be held at an alternate location in the state to provide education opportunities and the ability for CFMs to obtain required CECs. The first Fall Floodplain Institute was held in Greensboro in the fall of 2006. Today the NCAFPM annual conference is held along the coast in the spring and the Fall Floodplain Institute is held later in the year in the western part of the state.

NCAFPM is dedicated to promote public awareness, promote professional development, enhance information exchange, review and comment on pertinent legislation, and encourage No Adverse Impact.