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Biggert-Waters Reform Act Resources
Note: These resources are PDF files.

Advance Notice Regarding Planned Implementation of Provisions of Section 100205 of the Biggert-Waters Reform Act of 2012

FEMA Flood Brochure, "Build Back Safer and Stronger: What You Need to Know"

Changes in the Flood Insurance Program: Preliminary Considerations for Rebuilding

Rate Guidelines: Fact sheet for the NFIP Specific Rate Guidelines (June 2013)

The NFIP Specific Rating Guidelines and Examples (September 2013)


Direct links to documents on the FEMA website:
BW-12 Brochure (October 2013)
BW-12 What to Know & Say (September 2013)

A new series of short videos that FEMA created with the Insurance Information Institute (III)to help explain BW-12:

o   Overview
o   Addressing the Flood Risk
o   Elevation Rating
o   Understanding Subsidized Rates
o   Moving Away from Subsidized Rates
o   Reducing Flood Insurance Costs

For other documents, please go to www.FEMA.gov/BW12.

Also available is the BW-12 Collection at http://www.fema.gov/media-library/resources-documents/collections/341#show_details.