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FlashFlood NEWS is a semi-annual online newsletter that offers information and education on topics that are of current interest in the field of floodplain management and the National Flood Insurance Program.

Published by the North Carolina Association of Floodplain Managers, FlashFlood includes reports from the North Carolina regional representatives, educational opportunities, and membership information, in addition to topical articles of current interest written by our board members, government officials, and consultants in the field of floodplain management. Articles include topics such as floodplain mapping, coastal issues, mitigation planning, and stormwater management.

Our targeted audience is the members of the North Carolina Association of Floodplain Managers (NCAFPM), but FlashFlood NEWS is can be viewed online by any interested readers.

Current Issue (Spring/Summer 2018)
*Thanks to sponsors ESP and Smart Vent Products, Inc. for supporting this issue of FlashFlood.

Contents: From the Chairman • Coastal Resilience • Rainfall Flood Study • Chapter News • Education/Outreach • 2018 Spring Annual Conference Report • Keynote Address • 2018 FFI • Elizabeth City Waterfront Plan and Charles Creek Flood Mitigation • From the NCAFPM Executive Director • Thanks to Sponsors • 2018 ASFPM Annual Conference • DCM Assists Local Communities to Become More Resilient • NCAFPM Board • NCAFPM’s Logo Gets a Fresh New Look • Flood Risk Evaluator • Regional Reports • Dare County Governments Join Efforts in CRS Outreach Activities • NFIP Coordinator’s Corner • NC Floodplain Mapping Program Update • 2018 FEMA & NFIP Training • 2018 Conferences & Events • Calendar • Resources

Click here to download or view a pdf version of this issue.

The deadline for sending in articles for the Fall/Winter 2018/2019 issue of FlashFlood is November 5, 2018.

We count on sponsorships from consultants and vendors to produce our FlashFlood newsletter. Sponsorships take on the form of full page and half page ads. Please see our Media Kit for details about the newsletter and sponsorship options. If you are interested in sponsoring or would like more information, contact Kelly Keesling.

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For newsletters prior to 2010, please contact Kelly Keesling.